Monday, May 8, 2017

#RHOA NEWS: #CharlamagneThaGod AWARDS #PhaedraParks #Donkeyoftheday

We are still talking about 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' reunion part 4.  It was revealed and not SURPRISINGLY, that Phaedra Parks was the one FEEDING all the OUTLANDISH rumors about Kandi to Porsha that caused a WORLD WIND on trouble and TEARS.  Phaedra kept saying she was 'sorry' while not really showing any remorse.  She then kept saying she should not have 'repeated' what she heard... but in fact she was the one the STARTED the rumors about Kandi and Todd.  So how can you REPEAT a LIE you started?  I am still confused on the LOGIC of Ms. Parks' actions.  She said he 'HEARD' the rumors, but then commenced to tell Porsha that Kandi TOLD her personally that she and Todd and intentions of DRUGGING her.  A SMART PERSON would be like, Why would Kandi admit such a THOUGHT to a LAWYER?  But we are talking about Porsha Williams.  SO.. for all the LIES and the SHADE---Phaedra has been awarded the DONKEY OF THE DAY!

Take a LISTEN...

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