Monday, April 3, 2017

WATCH: #RHOA season 9 ep 19 'Side Dishes and Side Pieces' [full ep]

The DRAMA was THICK on 'RHOA' season 9 episode 19!! Kandi and Todd race to get the restaurant up and running after running into a few setbacks at the last minute; Porsha celebrates Phaedra's birthday in grand style with wigs and new fits; as the women gather at the restaurant, an unexpected guest shows up, leading to new revelations about Phaedra and Apollo's divorce. WATCH 'RHOA' of Atlanta season 9 episode 19 after the JUMP!

So let's DIVE into this episode. Kandi and Todd put on their 'HARD HATS' to get a soft open of their restaurant 'OLG'. From the looks of things, TOdd had it under control but Kandi was a bit UNEASY. Peter comes back into town after he and Cynthia settle their divorce with some MIXED FEELINGS. In Maui, it appeared that he and Cynthia were in a good place, but once returning he gave her the COLD SHOULDER. What was that about?
Maui also seemed to soften Sheree to Kenya. The two NEIGHBORS are now 'popping by' each other's homes and seem cordial even. Chateau Sheree is almost complete--so she says-- and ready for a GRAND REVEAL! Speaking of reveals, at Kandi's opening, everything seems to have come together NICELY--that is UNTIL Apollo's SIDE CHICK crashes the party in the name of 'showing support' for Apollo. Then Apollo happens to CALL during the event to wish Kandi and Todd well--further adding to the MESSY SITUATION at hand. During Sherien's brief visit, it is REVEALED that Phaedra and Apollo's divorce is anything but FINAL. And it also makes it even more CLOUDIER as to the timeline of Sherien and Apollo's RELATIONSHIP. Was she and he creeping around well before he went to prison? ALl the while, Phaedra and Porsha were busy having a PARTY of their own. It was just a MESSY situation of MESSY proportions and Kenya Moore was getting FILLED to the brim with TEA! She was like a kid in a KANDI store... The FINALE is going to be ON and POPPIN and the REUNION will be even more FIREWORKS!

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