Sunday, April 23, 2017

WATCH: Iyanla #FixMyLife season 5 ep 2 'Neffe and Shelby' part 2 [full ep]

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So Iyanla Vanzant ATTEMPTED to 'FIX' former reality star Neffe Pugh and Shelby Lowery's DOOMED union and episode 2  HITS a HEAD when Iyanla and Neffe LOCK HORNS on more than one occasion!  Check out part 2 of 'Broken Reality' after the JUMP!!

Now after watching 2 weeks of this, yanla could've just showed us the closing credits to save us time.  Ultimately the pair are in the PROCESS of divorcing anyways, despite the seemingly 'HAPPY ENDING for the show.  I guess Iyanla can't fix everything...and from watching these two..their problems were WAY TOO MUCH for a reality show to fix.....

Will Neffe make her way back to TV?  It seems she wants to... Let's hope the best for ALL PARTIES involved.....

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