Friday, April 28, 2017

#Tiny SERVES #TI divorce papers! [details]

Just when I was thinking that there maybe some HOPE for T.I. and Tiny to RECONCILE--those hopes were DASHED!  Tiny OFFICIALLY moves forward with her divorce from HIP HOP SUPERSTAR T.I.!

Tiny SPOKE of DIVORCE last year, but JUST filed the papers this week! reports that the stars of VH1's T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle have agreed to finalize their split. Tiny is seeking primary physical custody and joint legal custody of their three underage children. She also asked the judge to determine the amount of child support, visitation and health insurance her estranged husband will have to pay. She is seeking both temporary and permanent alimony as well to maintain their standard of living.

The R&B artist wants to split the automobiles the couple bought during their marriage. Moreover, she requested T.I. hand over all financial records. Since he makes more money than she does, she requested he pay for their outstanding debts. The IRS claimed last year that the couple owed $6,211,424.76.

I must admit I was thinking they could work it out, but watching the new season of 'Family Hustle' so far, it's CLEAR that the marriage is DONE. There is still LOVE, but it's not enoough anymore. We will see how this PANS OUT as far as LITIGATION goes...

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