Monday, April 17, 2017

#StevieSteve MURDERS elderly man on #FacebookLive! [vid]

THE MANHUNT is still at large for Stevie Stephens who is on the loose---last seen in Cleveland who is MURDERING innocent people.

A video is circulating of him murdering an INNOCENT elderly man.

Stephens can be hear saying:

“Found me somebody I’m going to kill, this guy right here, this old dude,” before exiting his vehicle. He walks up to the man and begins talking to him, asking how old he is before pulling out a gun.

The victim tries to shield himself before Stephens fires once, hitting the man in the head. The video shows the man on the ground, bleeding as Stephens walks back to his car and drives off.


The shooting happened at 635 East 93rd Street, police said.

Family members spoke about the victim, identified by police as 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr!

This was a RANDOM shooting it appears. 'Stevie Steve' is believed to have killed 14 other innocent people.


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