Saturday, April 29, 2017

#RHOA Reunion sneak peek: #FrickAndFrack SPAT! Porsha & Phaedra GO AT IT! [vid]

Now we KNEW it wouldn't LAST forever RIGHT!  The RHOA 4-part reunion is RAMPING UP to the POINT where FRIENDS become ENEMIES?  Now WE all know that Phaedra was behind a LOT of the DRAMA between her, Kandi and Porsha and a few other CAST MATES.  But Porsha was too BLIND to see that her beloved 'Frick' was PULLING HER STRINGS all the while--JUST LIKE Kandi said.  Check out a SNEAK PEEK of Porsha GETTING all up in Phaedra's FACE about a BOMBSHELL SECRET that is FINALLY revealed!!!

MAYBE THE TRUTH finally comes out!  Now we will have to wait until PART 4 for this TEA to SIMMER OVER!!

Make sure you tune in TOMORROW at 8 pm on BRAVO--a lot of SH*T hits the FAN then too....

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