Sunday, April 2, 2017

#RHOA NEWS: #Bravo BLOCKED #MattJordan from reunion NOT #KenyaMoore! [details]

Remember not too long ago, Matt Jordan (Kenya's 'Ex') was belly aching on social media about not getting an invite to the RHOA reunion?  He even blamed Kenya for keeping him from getting that 'bonus' that is rewarded for the taping of the reunion show.  Well come to find out, it wasn't Kenya's fault he missed out--BRAVO blocked him and guess why!?

via TMZ

Matt and Kenya’s drama was a staple of the latest season, but we’re told producers ultimately thought he was too violent to bring back. Not to mention the severe awkwardness that would have ensued during the taping a couple weeks ago.

We broke the story … Kenya says Matt’s been harassing her for months and, in fact, just got a temporary restraining order against him. He now has to stay 200 yards away.

Jordan infamously punched a driver while cameras were rolling during the previous season, so it seems he’s worn out his welcome … on several fronts.

So you know you must be pretty KRAY if Bravo deems you 'too violent' for a reunion show. BRAVO LOVES DRAMA, but maybe Matt did somethings OFF-CAMERA that we didn't even see to make Bravo reach this decision. It would've been HUGE if Matt did make the reunion. Maybe he was TOO volatile a character to contain himself. Maybe Bravo felt he would go too far 'off script' a DIVULGE too many production secrets and tricks of the trade that would have made the whole STORYLINE look faker than a $3 bill? Hmmmm......

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