Thursday, April 20, 2017

@Osheaxi ANNOUNCES release date of next project #CadillacBeach! [details]

Oshea is bringing something NEW for the SUMMER! For the FANS that follow the artist on social media, you may have been wondering what his LATEST hash tag was all about.  #CadillacBeach has been a recent staple across the board on Oshea's social media accounts.  So just what is #CadillacBeach?? The 'MYSTERY' is revealed after the JUMP!

Well just recently 'Shea revealed that #CadillacBeach is his UPCOMING project and that the new music will be dropping May 5th!

Can't wait until then? Oshea has been playing snippets from the mixtape on IGLIVE!

UNTIL MAY 5....ENJOY 'Bet On It'


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