Friday, April 28, 2017

#McDonalds to PHASE OUT Hi-C Orange drink! [details]

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I ALREADY don't go to Mc Donald's because the MEAT is QUESTIONABLE, the customer service is ALWAYS BAD, the Dollar Menu is NO LONGER, now there is ONE OTHER REASON to chose an alternative FAST FOOD restaurant.  The JUGGERNAUT franchise is set to PHASE OUT Hi-C Orange drinks from all locations!!

According to an apparent internal memo found on Reddit, locations will stop carrying the drink effective May 1.

The memo indicates that the fast-food chain will replace Hi-C Orange with a new beverage called Sprite TropicBerry that will only be available at McDonald’s locations.

Restaurants will keep selling Hi-C Orange until supplies run out.

If I do go to the establishment, that is all I ever get as my drink. The FAST FOOD CHAIN as already gotten BACKLASH for axing this POPULAR menu item!


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