Friday, April 21, 2017

#KMichelle is DRAGGING #LoniLove and #AngelaYee on Twitter! [vid]

Why is K. Michelle DRAGGING the FUCK out of Angela Yee and Loni Love on TWITTER though!??

The EXCHANGE is funny, but it stems from Angela Yee's appearance on 'The Real' where she had some CHOICE WORDS to say about K.  Then to add insult to injury, Loni Love seemed to have a 'MARIAH MOMENT', where she couldn't remember who K. Michelle was even getting her mixed up with Keyshia Cole!

Check out the interview on 'The Real' and then CATCH K's RESPONSE on TWITTER after the JUMP!!

If YOU RECALL, K sat down with Angela Yee and 'The Breakfast Club' and the conversation would soon grow very ICY back in 2016.....

Angela Yee was just on 'The Real' today and brought that back up again and it set K OFF!  Here is what Kimberly had to say to BOTH parties:

K. Michelle does NOT PLAY!
Now Loni is a COMEDIAN so we KNOW she had TOUGH SKIN...

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