Saturday, April 29, 2017

#JanetJackson COUNTING DOWN to a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! [details]

Janet WHERE FOR ART THOU?  After giving birth--- filing for DIVORCE and gearing up for a HEFTY PAY DAY from her soon to be EX-husband..what else could we expect from the INTERNATIONAL ICON!?  Well Miss Jackson if you're nasty is gearing up for SOMETHING ELSE HUGE it seems.

The 'No Sleeep' pop star UPDATED her OFFICIAL WEBSITE with a COUNTDOWN..  Counting down to what, we are not sure.  COULD Damita Jo be gearing up to RESTART her postponed 'Unbreakable World Tour'??

JANET---- more after the JUMP!

Whatever it is--the CLOCK stops on May1st... so we will have to WAIT and SEE....

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