Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#Disney EYES #WillSmith to play 'Genie' for #Aladdin live-action reboot! [details]

Could WILL SMITH one of the STARS for the upcoming live-action 'Aladdin' movie!?  WORD FROM THE CURB is that Disney is EYEING 'The Fresh Prince' to be of all things 'Genie'!

The news comes courtesy of Deadline, who are reporting that Will Smith is in talks with Disney right now for the role of the Genie in director Guy Ritchie's version of Aladdin. The movie is gearing up to shoot later this year in the U.K. and, according to this report

The adaptation of the animated feature follows the studio’s strategy of bringing its classic animated titles to life and so far it has been a goldmine, most recently with Beauty and the Beast which has already grossed over $1B worldwide. Smith had previously been in talks with Tim Burton about Dumbo but that did not materialize and we’re told these talks are also early.

The first Aladdin, in its animated form, grossed a whopping $504M for Disney 25 years ago and launched a successful merchandising line, including creating a new princess in Jasmine for its lucrative girl’s licensing line.

COULD THIS HAPPEN? I would imagine if the PRICE IS RIGHT, Will may sign on the line. But he DOES have some pretty BIG SHOES to fill. Robin Williams FAMOUSLY voiced 'Genie' in the animate original, and we all know how BELOVED Williams was in the role. NONETHELESS, we will see what happens and if this actually comes to pass...

The new movie will be in the vain of the BLOCKBUSTER 'Beauty and the Beast' reboot that has already grossed 1 billion dollars WORLDWIDE!

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