Wednesday, April 12, 2017

COUPLED UP! #Karrueche & #Quavo are DATING! [details]

Although it has a been a BIT of a MYSTERY for a little while, it appears that Chris Brown's EX, Karrueche Tran and Quavo from the ATL rap trio Migos are indeed and ITEM!

Sources say the two have been 'HANGING' as friends for months, but now it has moved past friendship and into an actual DATING situation.  The TWO were seen most RECENTLY in Biloxi, after a Migos concert.  Now they are not going shopping for FINE CHINA (Chris Brown reference for the slow ones), but they are enjoying each other's company for the TIME BEING!

NOW WE KNOW, this is not really going to go anywhere, but these young celebs can surely PAL AROUND for a minute until something better comes along.

Let's see how long this SITUATION lasts before both start back dating other people because 'their schedules are too busy.'

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