Wednesday, April 26, 2017

#BasketballWives News: #JenniferWilliams OFFICIALLY returns to the SHOW! [details]

'Basketball Wives' is CONTINUING to RAMP up with the beefs between Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada and Evelyn and Jackie and Jackie and Tami.  But there is still some OFF BEEF yet to be resolved and it appears the PRODUCERS want to JUICE that story as well.

Remember Evelyn and original 'Basketball Wives Miami' star Jennifer Williams were besties that FELL OUT with each other.  Well that RIFT was never resolved and it appears that this season maybe the season to settle all BETS.  Initially Williams was slated to just do some 'DRIVE-BY' appearances on this season, but it appears that she will be making L.A. and the franchise HOME FOR a while--she has OFFICIALLY signed on for the season!

According to
She’s signed her contract and already started filming.

It may have been some TIME since Jennifer and Evelyn have filmed together, but that's what makes the DRAMA, right?

Sources say:

Evelyn and Jennifer haven’t spoken in years and they fell-out publicly. Evelyn did NOT want Jennifer back on the show. Evelyn has some power within the show and told producers that it was either her or Jennifer. Initially, they wanted Evelyn back so much, that they agreed.

This should be QUITE interesting.... Let's wait for the FIREWORKS!  But since Shaunie  and VH1 BRINGING all these OG cast members back, where is SUZIE and ROYCE!? Let them come by for some FRENCH FRIES and DRAMA too.....and don't forget the WINE!

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