Wednesday, April 19, 2017

ALLEGED #MattJordan SEXTAPE is being shopped around! [EXPLICIT PICS LEAKED!]

Remember back on April 1st, we JOKED that there was a MATT JORDAN (Kenya Moore's 'EX') floating around.  Well apparently there is SOME truth this and the SEX TAPE could be DROPPING at anytime if the PRICE IS RIGHT!

It appears that SOMEONE is shopping around some EXPLICIT VIDEOS of the trainer, turned reality star' and ATLien has all the DETAILS on this SORDID little situation.

Now RIGHT OFF THE BAT I smell something FISHY.  It appears that a LOVER of Matt 'secretly' recorded the two of them having sex!  From the PICS, it appears that Matt was BLOWING some big BOOTY CHICK'S BACK out and she captured it all on TAPE/FILM or whatever medium she chose.

Said LOVER, however is seeking COMPENSATION for the transaction from any BLOG or WEBSITE willing to FORK OVER some COINS for the footage.  ATLien was contacted and their EXCHANGE has been DOCUMENTED at  The story may have some basis in TRUTH because there were some EXPLICIT screenshots from the ALLEGED act enclosed with their exchange!  All the NAKEDNESS can be seen HERE!  From the 'LEAKED' photos, this woman must be one HELLUVA stealth PHOTOG!

Could MATT be shopping around his OWN sextape- A'la Mimi and Nikko from 'LHHATL'?  I mean he DID get shut out of that appearance fee from Bravo after they DECLINED to invite him to the REUNION.  ANd we are not CERTAIN if Kenya PAID him for his services for this past season of 'RHOA'.  So  in order to keep up the little lifestyle being linked to Kenya Moore provided--it would be a SMART MOVE to 'LEAK' a SEX TAPE, right?  Hell, it worked for Kim and a few other in the game.  Mimi was able to by her some new boobs and a new home and I am assuming Nikko does not have to have ROOMMATES anymore.. So a SEX TAPE could be rather LUCRATIVE in ATL where the STREETS are falling into the PITS of HELL one by one.  I mean after the way he was PORTRAYED on this past season of RHOA, I mean, it's not like his reputation could get any worse.  It may actually make his 'stock' increase depending on his sexual prowess on ALLEGED sex tape.

 This will be INTERESTING to see how it all PLAYS out.  Matt may come out of the deal with a new profession.... WHO'S to SAY?  So keep a look out for the SEXTAPE in full.  I am sure some one will take the BAIT!

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