Tuesday, April 11, 2017

#50Cent PUNCHES female fan then INVITES her on stage to TWERK! [vid]

Maybe 50 Cent got TOO into his PERFORMANCE from Saturday.  Curtis was performing at the Baltimore Soundstage on this past Saturday (April 8), when a FEMALE FAN tried to pull him down off stage. We are going to say, by sheer INSTINCT, 50 PUNCHED the woman in the chest to break free of her grip.
Once he got his bearings he then asked the woman onstage who then commenced to TWERK of 50 and the CROWD! OF COURSE, TMZ's cameras were there to CAPTURE it ALL!!

Take a LOOK!

I guess that was his way to insure she didn't PRESS ANY CHARGES... LOL....

Hopefully the young lady wasn't hurt.


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