Monday, March 27, 2017

WATCH: #RHOA season 9 ep 18 'Baby Nups and Break Ups' [full ep]

Cynthia proves she's more than a pretty face to Atlanta's "fashionistas by hosting the LAUNCH of her new bag line 'Cargo'. Noelle is the face of the brand. Sheree Whitfield's son Kairo makes his runway debut and Sheree's MOMAGER hat comes out FOR REAL!;" Phaedra helps Kandi's former employee seek financial resolution--Johnnie CLAIMS Kandi's company stole the IDEA for her play and the restaurant from HIM!; Porsha decides she's ready to take her relationship with Todd to the next level and presents him with a BABY-NUP; Matt resurfaces and OLD feelings DIE hard as he and Kenya clash again.

WATCH 'RHOA' season 9 episode 18, 'Baby Nups and Break Ups' after the JUMP!!

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