Friday, March 3, 2017

WARNING SHOTS! #FoxyBrown drops #REmyMa DISS TRACK 'Breaks Over'! [audio]

I told y'all this could get INTERESTING!  Now if you go back a few days and dissect some of Remy Ma's lyrics on 'shETHER'.  There are some BARS referring to a 'DEAF BITCH':

Talkin’ sh*t about me to a deaf b*tch,” Remy said in the song. “And usually I have sympathy for the impaired. But not when you hard of hearin’ from untreated gonorrhea.”

Now yo DO RECALL Foxy Brown SUFFERED from a bout of IMPAIRED hearing a few years ago. PUT THE PIECES together, Inga Marchand did not take too KINDLY to those lines and has taken AIM at Remy Ma on a DISS TRACK 'Breaks Over'!

Foxy raps over Jay Z's 'The Takeover' beat to issue a WARNING to Remy!

Take a LISTEN tot he SNIPPET :

NOW REMEMBER in Foxy's PRIME, she had that flow that could RIVAL MALE emcees! SO if Foxy comes REAL HARD like us OLD SKOOL people know she can--she can TAKE Remy OUT on wax!!

Not sure when Foxy had time, word from the CURB is that she just GAVE BIRTH!!! This is getting INTERESTING!!!

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