Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Viral cooking sensation #AuntieFee FIGHTING FOR LIFE! On life support! [details]

The Youtube viral sensation Auntie Fee is fighting for her life on LIFE SUPPORT after suffering a HEART ATTACK!

According to TMZ, Auntie Fee is currently on life support at a Los Angeles hospital. Although multiple family members confirmed her death to the outlet, TMZ says the viral cooking sensation is "fighting for her life" as of Tuesday evening.

Auntie Fee, whose YouTube videos about cooking on a budget garnered a cult-like following, is fighting for her life at 59-years-old. According to TMZ, Auntie Fee (real name Felicia O'Dell) fell ill over the weekend, and after experiencing chest pain Tuesday, suffered a fatal heart attack.

The Los Angeles native skyrocketed to internet stardom in 2014, when her expletive-filled instructional video on how to make "sweet treats for the kids" with crescent rolls, butter, sugar-cinnamon, and raisins earned 500,000 page views overnight.

Nearly three years later, Auntie Fee's most infamous video has upwards of four and a half million views, followed by her price-conscious segment on how to feed seven people with $3.35. (For the record, this recipe touts instant ramen, leftover taco meat, parsley and cheese as its main ingredients.)


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