Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#TIP DEFENDS #SnoopDogg's #Trump parody after the President SLAMS controversial video! [details]

It appears that President Trump did not take too KINDLY to Snoop Doggs' parody of him in is latest video, “Lavender (Nightfall Remix)”. In case you missed that CONTROVERSY [REVISIT HERE!].

Now it appears that Snoop's contemporary and friend, T.I. has come to his DEFENSE with a rather COLORFUL reponse to President Trump's tweet. Here is what TIP had to say!!

WELL TIP. tell us how you REALLY feel! LOL!  Trump does make a POINT, there was OUTCRY when former President Obama was MOCKED and DISRESPECTED for 8 years.  So Trump is just getting what ALL presidents get from their critics... CALL it DISRESPECT or ART.... but it is FREEDOM OF SPEECH, right!? Right.

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