Friday, March 17, 2017

#RHOA News: #MattJordan BLASTS #KenyaMoore for 'NONPAYMENT' for services rendered! [details]

Kenya Moore's ONSCREEN boyfriend, Matt Jordan was UPSET yesterday!!  He was angry that his 'ARRANGEMENT' with the former Miss USA went sour and that he did not get 'PAID' for taping 'RHOA' season 9 with her.  In a LENGTHY RANT on social media, Jordan exposes all the DIRT of their 'relationship' and even alleges Kenya was 'PIMPED OUT' to married Nigerian men in some ELABORATE human trafficking scheme!  Here is what Jordan had to say in a now DELETED post!

He wasn't FINISHED!  he took to the COMMENTS of the since -deleted post to add some more INFO!

Something that we learned is that the MEN of RHOA get 10k for filming the season and doing the REUNION SHOW.  THe Reunion started taping YESTERDAY, March 17th and you won't see Matt.  I would be ANGRY as well.  He put up with all the social media CHATTER and CRITICISM, and his CHARACTER was compromised for the sake of the STORYLINE and he gets STIFFED of the 10k for his TROUBLES!?  YOu would be a bit PISSED as well!  Not sure what Kenya is going to do now that this TEA has been SPILLED... I guess keep 'lying' and CARRY ON....  By THE WAY, the REUNION was a DOOZY from what WE HEARD from our INSIDE SOURCES.....

Andy Cohen even commented that some REVELATIONS came out last night!

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