Tuesday, March 7, 2017

#LittleWomenATL's #MsJuicy PEEING and SCREAMING on the TATTOO table! [vid]

REALITY SHOW personalities COLLIDE when 'Little Women: Atlanta' star Ms. Juicy link up with 'Black Ink Crew' star Ceaser for a VERY INTRICATE tattoo.  Ceaser was in Atlanta to open up his NEWEST tattoo shop and Ms. Juicy decided to CHRISTEN the new digs with a NEW tattoo of her own.  Ms. Juicy may have UNDERESTIMATED the amount of PAIN that went into getting a TATTOO with the detail she wanted.  In this HILARIOUS clip, the 'LITTLE' star realizes that a LITTLE pain goes a LONG way.  Ms Juicy can be seen SCREAMING and almost PEEING in her CLOTHES while getting her TATT!

In the end she BRAVED the pain and got all the BUTTERFLIES a little woman could ASK for.  Now Ms. Juicy, head over to the NEAREST NAIL SHOP and get those FEET done next!


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