Monday, March 13, 2017

#GilbertArenas WEIGHS IN on #RemyMa #NickiMinaj 'FEUD'!

Gilbert Arenas is yet another CELEB to weigh in on the Nicki/Remy BEEF or NON-BEEF, or whatever it has dissolved to now.  It appears that Arenas is a KEN BARB because he has a FAVORABLE and COLORFUL assessment of the CURRENT situation between the two SPARRING FEMCEES!  Here is what he has to say:

He DOES make some VALID POINTS! Be it as it may.... I'm with Gilbert. I mean.. Remy came pretty HARD on 'shETHER' with some PERSONAL ATTACKS... But then the SECOND 'DISS SONG' was TRASH making some of to THINK, that maybe she got a LITTLE OUTSIDE HELP with her 1st 'homework assignment'. Then Nicki came back--ALL BE IT DAYS LATER-- with a few jabs accompanied by her SQUAD, Drake and Weezy. Now YES, Nicki could've EASILY dropped a SOLO DISS TRACK and OBLITERATED REMY... we all know she has the AMMUNITION and the SKILL SET---go back to Nicki's MIX-TAPE DAYS-- to do so. Remy RAPPED over someone else's BEAT. SO she has rights to 'her' lyrics only. Nicki's 3 pack is on iTUNES and RACING UP THE CHARTS and she is getting PAID. SO in the end--Nicki STILL WINS. So I think I am going to HITCH my wagon to a WINNER... Even WINNERS take L's sometimes.. SO BE IT AS IT MAY.....

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