Monday, March 13, 2017

#Fabolous GOT THE Brooklyn! [details]

MAJOR KEY ALERT!! Fabolous GOT THE KEYS!  The Brooklyn rapper and philanthropist was reently awarded a KEY to BROOKLYN!

Fab also received an Icon Award by Icon Talks founders John Hartsfield and Sharon Carpenter.

“Congratulations to my brother Fab for being the secret weapon,” said Swizz. “I call him the secret weapon. He’s the secret weapon for fashion, the secret weapon for music, the secret weapon for creativity, he’s the secret weapon behind a lot of artists doing what they do today.”

After toasting to Fab’s success, Swizz joked: “We gotta get this new album out. No more mixtapes.”

CONGRATS are DEFINITELY in order for FAB and his YEARS of HARD WORK!!!

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