Monday, March 27, 2017

#CrimeMob REUNITES in ATLANTA! [vid]

WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT!?  Crime Mob has REUNITED and are headed back to the STUDIO 10 years after releasing their DEBUT, 'Hated On Mostly'!

Diamond, Princess, Lil’ J, M.I.G., and Cyco Black rejoined forces at V-103's POP-UP concert in Atlanta over the weekend and have plans to drop their 3rd album this year!

“It was good to be in Atlanta, to do it here first,” she said. “I’m glad y’all called us to do this. It’s been a longtime coming but we had to come back and do it right. Now, the timing is right, the energy is right, we got our heads right. Now it’s time to get that money right.”, said Princess.

Ahead of this, Diamond and Princess are also planning to release a joint project as a duo. More news on this should be coming in “about a week or two,” according to the twosome.

This should be DOPE... Y'all remember them hits, 'Knuck If You Buck', 'Rock Yo Hips' and 'Stilettos'!  This REUNION is going to be a GOOD LOOK....

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