Thursday, March 30, 2017

Burger Wars: #Wendys throws MAJOR shade at #McDonalds fresh beef announcement! LOL

This is funny so I had to say something.  The BURGER WARS are heating up---pun intended.  Didn't know this was still a THING, but with SOCIAL MEDIA set up the way it is.. it's easy to CLAP BACK--and that's what Wendy's did!

Earlier today, McDonald's made this GRAND ANNOUNCEMENT that by mid 2018 they would be using FRESH meat in the majority of all their restaurants  for all their Quarter Pounder burgers....  READ CAREFULLY now, by 2018--over a year away, that 'most' of the restaurants would be using fresh all the other patties still won't be fresh and not all the restaruants will be using fresh beef?  Is that what we are to believe?  Well Wendy's had a little SHADE to throw on that announcement and it is TOO funny, but REAL!


Looks like Wendy's GOT EM!!!
Wendy’s, of course, distinguishes itself from other chains by using fresh beef always. So, yeah, they weren’t going to let that one go without a little trolling--lol.

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