Sunday, February 5, 2017

#SuperBowlLI: WATCH the multi MILLION-DOLLAR #SuperBowlADS here! [vid]

Super Bowl LI is HERE!  The New England Patriots take on MY Atlanta Falcons!!!  Can you tell I'm a bit PARTIAL to one side over the OTHER! #RISEUP!!

We live for the GAME of course... the PERFORMANCES, but most of all the SUPER BOWL ADS are what we LOVE TO SEE as well!

Nielsen has found in years past that a majority of Super Bowl viewers say they tune in more for the commercials than the football game. Word From THe CURB is that FOX is charging upwards of about $5 million per 30-second spot!! So get your SNEAK PEAK at the MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR ads here before the BIG GAME!!!

Super Bowl ad: NFL(0:33)
NFL personalities are reimagined as babies in this Super Bowl ad for the NFL.

ads via [Market Watch]

Super Bowl ad: Budweiser(1:03)
Obstacles can’t stand in the way of dreams, in this Super Bowl ad for Budweiser.

Super Bowl ad: Avocados From Mexico(0:33)
A secret society meeting is streamed, in this Super Bowl ad for Avocados From Mexico.

Super Bowl ad: Bud Light(1:33)
Spuds Mackenzie reappears in this Super Bowl ad for Bud Light

Super Bowl ad: Kia(1:03)
Melissa McCarthy as an environmentalist in this Super Bowl ad for Kia.

Super Bowl ad: Sprint(0:33)
A man fakes his own death in this Super Bowl LI ad for Sprint.

Super Bowl ad: Skittles
A would-be boyfriend friends his love unrequited, in this Super Bowl ad for Skittles.

Super Bowl ad: T-Mobile
Justin Bieber appears in this Super Bowl ad for T-Mobile.

Super Bowl ad: KFC
KFC goes for the gold in this Super Bowl ad.

Super Bowl ad: Wendy's
The other guys’s frozen patties are as cold as ice, in this Super Bowl ad for Wendy’s.

Super Bowl ad: Michelob
A familiar theme song is heard in this Super Bowl ad for Michelob.

ALL THE ADS can be seen HERE!!

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