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#RHOP NEWS: 'Real Housewives of Potomac' may be RETURNING soon MINUS one of the original WIVES! [details]

Has anyone been LOOKING for season 2 of 'The Real Housewives of Potomac'?  There have been a LOT of NEW Bravo reality shows pop up in the last few months, but 'RHOP' has been ICED out.  Well we have some RUMBLINGS that the show MAYBE returning REALLY soon, minus one of the ORIGINAL 'WIVES'..and not the ONE we all WOULD LOVE to see go either.  Here is what we know so far.

Andy Cohen RECENTLY said that 'RHOP' would indeed be returning for season 2.  WHEN is still a mystery.

WORD FROM THE CURB is that the Potomac ladies started firming season 2 in April of 2016 and wrapped it late summer.  ALSO EXECS at Bravo initially wanted 'Potomac' to follow season 9 of the RHOA in that CUSHY 9pm ET time slot as they did during their premiere season.  AS YOU KNOW, RHOA is well into mid season and we have not seen RHOP yet.

Bravo, however, reportedly decided to push back Potomac’s premiere date because it wants to see if the show can stand on its own stiletto heels without the lead in from RHOA. A source is now saying the Potomac housewives are now worried about the fate of their show.

Yet a Bravo spokesperson reassured viewers that a second season is in the plans. Also that spokesperson revealed that season 2 will be “great,” and will premiere sometime in 2017.

“It was our highest rated freshman series in three years. The Potomac ladies are coming back in 2017 and fans have every reason to be excited for a great season.”
The Washington Post’s source, however, warns that the future of the show still hangs in the air.

“If it doesn’t catch on, the second season will be the last season.” SO IN OTHER WORDS, we are giving you a second chance. If the PEOPLE don't gravitate to this show, then this is your LAST CHANCE. And we all know how a HOUSEWIVES show in that D.C. area can fare. Ask those D.C. 'Wives'. They got ONE SEASON and we have all but FORGOTTEN about each of them. NAME ONE lady from that show...... EXACTLY.

But back to Potomac, you recall season one included Robyn Dixon, Gizelle Bryant, Karen Huger, Ashley Darby, Katie Rost, and Charisse Jackson Jordan. I have been VOCAL that Charisse Jackson could EASILY be SWIPED away from the next season because she just didn't fit in with the other ladies and that STANK attitude was just the STRAW that broke the camel's back. But if indeed this season 2 sees the light of day, Charisse is BACK (UGHH) and one of the OTHER STAND-OUTS from season 1 is NOT returning!

Katie Rost is NOT returning even though she has a FAIRLY interesting piece of the PLOTLINE from season 1.

On Season 1, Katie — a model who once dated Russell Simmons, left her former husband when she was pregnant with twins, and who is involved in the charity world — was involved in many of the show’s more dramatic moments. In particular, Katie, whose father is white and mother is black, clashed with Robyn and Gizelle after accusing them of denying that they are biracial.
Image result for real housewives of potomac season 1 reunion
There was also Katie’s relationship with Andrew Martin, to whom she got engaged to on the season finale episode after a lot of prodding on her part. On the reunion show, Katie revealed that she and Andrew, who was supposed to appear on the reunion show, just broke up and that she gave the engagement ring back. But if you recall their REUNION, it was pretty CLEAR that Katie was OVER the ladies and pretty much OVER the SHOW. So it's no BIG surprise that she is not coming back. I wish Charisse would 'be over the show' and not return, but OH WELL al wishes don't come true.

Sad to announce I will not be on #RHOP this season:-( Can't make my life exciting enough. #DeliveredTomorrow

— Katie Rost (@KatieRost) June 30, 2016

There was am alleged TRAILER for season 2 floating around late last night and this morning, but it has been since REMOVED from all sources...

 but APPARENTLY the show must go on and there is a SEASON 2 in the editing bays of Bravo waiting.......

We shall see what becomes of the Potomac girls in the next few weeks. Even though their 'SUPERIOR' attitudes and attention to 'ETIQUETTE' was somewhat OFF putting last season, I think there are some TRUE STORIES in this cast that need to be shared. Gizelle was a FAN FAVE out the gate and Karen Huger (the one that looks like a lower budget Tina Lawson) was a POLARIZING character from season 1. You either REALLY LIKED her or really hated her. Those two could carry this show. And the YOUNG, spitfire Ashley can add a LOT of ZEST to this LANDSCAPE, so lets hope the ladies KICK IT UP a notch this time around and BRING IT so those CHAMPAGNE FLUTES they hold up in the opening montage can CLINK a few more seasons....

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