Thursday, February 9, 2017

#RHOA News: Sex Dungeons, Apollo's 2 wives, #OLG restaurant OPENS and #KimZolciak RETURNS! [vid]

I meant to POST about this the other day, but I FORGOT.  So, season 9 of RHOA has been pretty GOOD so far.  We saw Kandi and Phaedra's relationship further OBLITERATE before our eyes, but we have not seen NOTHING YET!  Phaedra drops some MORE TEA about Kandi's ALLEGED WILD sex life!  Does Kandi have a SEX DUNGEON?? Well she does have a MILLION DOLLAR sex toy line---the inspiration has to come from SOMEWHERE, right?  ARE Peter and Cynthia RECONCILING?  Is Frick and Frack the next POWER 'COUPLE' to BREAK UP?? Apollo's NEW LADY pops up and the OLG restaurant opens its doors...MAYBE?? Grand OPENING---grand CLOSING too... WE'll see about that.... Phaedra tries to MOVE on once her 'divorce' is FINALIZED..but does Apollo know about the case?  Chateau Sheree FINALLY opens and the FIREWORKS will FLY when some OLD 'HOUSEWIVES' return to STIR the POT!  The ANNUAL couple's trip to Maui is filled with TEARS and FEARS and Kandi and Porsha's HEATED BEEF reaches FEVER PITCH!  Will Porsha get CHOKED the HELL OUT by Kandi once and for all?? Check the MID SEASON trailer after the JUMP!!!


It looks like the BEST is yet to COME!

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