Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#RemyMa + #FatJoe discuss new album and #NickiMinaj 'BEEF' on #TheBreakfastclub! [vid]

Did you get to view Fat Joe and Remy Ma on 'The Breakfast Club'?  Well they discussed a number of topics, from new music--Joe is set to release new music and Reminisce (BKA Remy Man) is working on a solo album as well.  The pair also discussed the Grammys, and Remy was asked about a rumored 'BEEF' with Nicki Minaj.

I watched the interview, and it could be just me, but the two came off SALTY as F!  They touched on being nominated for 'Best Rap Performance' and 'Best Rap Song' for 'All The Way Up' and how they KNEW they were not going to win EITHER.

Remy elaborated:

“We were [up for] Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song [for ‘All the Way Up’],” she said. “Chance the Rapper won Best Rap Performance [for ‘No Problem’]. My vote would’ve went to ‘Panda’ by Desiigner for the Best Rap Performance. I didn’t expect ‘All the Way Up’ to win Best Rap Performance. Best Rap Song? I feel like we should have won Best Rap Song…[Drake] didn’t even rap on [‘Hotline Bling’]…They had two categories, Rap Song and Rap/Sung Performance, where they had the rap singy-song [tracks]…I just think that we should have won.”

Sounds a little salty, right? Joe then added that he was SURPRISES Chano won 'Best New Artist':

“When Lauryn Hill won that, she won that after selling 30 million Fugee records and then went on her solo classic album,” he explained. “Chance the Rapper, I know him from the rhyme of a lifetime [on ‘Ultralight Beam’] and I know him from that one single.”

REALLY JOE? That's ALL you know him for? Sounds kinda salty , right? Times have CHANGED drastically since Lauryn Hill was ELIGIBLE for 'Best New Artist'. But maybe Joey Crack didn't get the memo.

Remy was also asked about an alleged 'BEEF' with Nicki Minaj. She had this to say on that.

“If you look at the history of Remy Ma, whenever I’ve had a problem with any female in the entire game, I will say your name,” she explained. “I am going to say your government. I’m going to look it up and say your mother’s name, your father’s name, your kids’ name. I want you to know I’m talking about you.”

She goes on a bit more, but not once does she say she does NOT have beef with her. She never even says her name. If it's all 'LOVE' and about competition, then she shouldn't have an issue saying her name, right?

Check out the ENTIRE interview here.

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