Saturday, February 25, 2017

#RemyMa DISSES #NickiMinaj- Nicki beefs with #TreySongz while #JoeBudden LAUGHS! [details]

By now EVERYONE has heard the NOT SUBTLE at all DISS track Remy Ma UNLEASHED upon Nicki Minaj.  Now Nicki has not RESPONDED YET on wax, but she had been on TWITTER ALL DAY dropping 'stats' about her ALBUM sales and Remy's LACK THEREOF and etc.

[In case you MISSED the DISS, LISTEN to it HERE!]

She also seemed to get ICY with Trey Songz, who's name was BROUGHT UP in the DISS.  Remy ALLEGES that Nicki SLEPT with Trey...  Trigga WEIGHED IN as well as aLOT of other people.

GET all the!

FANS and CRITICS have been WEIGHING in as WELL... LOL.

We are ALL waiting for Nicki to respond on WAX!!!!



This is to be CONTINUED....

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