Monday, February 27, 2017

#Oscars: #ViolaDavis- 1st African-American Woman to win 'Triple Crown' of Acting! [vid]

Viola Davis won the 'Best Supporting Actress' award at the 89th annual Academy Awards this past weekend.  In doing so, she made HISTORY!

via[Washington Post]

Viola Davis became the 23rd person to achieve the triple crown of acting: a competitive Oscar, Emmy and Tony (two Tonys, in her case). She is the first African American to join the club.

Receiving an award is a fickle honor — a function of timing, campaigning and momentum as much as talent — but winning the triple crown is a meaningful Hollywood achievement. It requires both range and longevity. Club members are all deeply respected in their field; there’s not a stowaway in the bunch. Acting’s triple crown is a rare distinction. Not even Davis’s idol, Meryl Streep, has achieved it.

There are indeed more than 22 actors who’ve received all three awards, but they did so for reasons other than just acting — or the awards were non-competitive in nature, such as an honorary Oscar. For example, John Gielgud and Whoopi Goldberg received all three, but his Tony came for directing a play and hers came for producing a musical. Audrey Hepburn, with an Oscar and Tony on her mantel, received an Emmy in 1993 for a TV special about gardens, but she wasn’t playing a role. Liza Minnelli’s Emmy for “Liza With a Z,” in which she starred, was — alas — for a non-acting category.

CONGRATS again to Viola Davis!!

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