Wednesday, February 22, 2017

#Migos and #SeanKingston get into an ALTERCATION in #Vegas! [details]

We have been getting VARYING accounts of this 'BRAWL', but it appears in fact that Migos and Sean Kingston got into some sort of ALTERCATION.  It appears the fight started over Soulja Boy comments that involved a DUST-Off between Migos and Sean Kingston and few members of his CAMP.  A gun was fired and  that apparently brought the 'brawl' to an end.  Here is what we know:

According to Rap-Up

Last year, Kingston sided with Soulja in a heated feud with Migos’ Quavo. “I was right there,” he said in a since-deleted video. “[Soulja Boy] said, ‘Pull up, I want to fight one-on-one. This shit ain’t have to go to no social media…It was to the point where [Quavo] ain’t show up. It’s like, ‘Okay, he wanna go in.’ Ni**as was waiting.”

Young Thug then warned Kingston to stay out of the feud. “PSA,” he said. “That shit with Soulja Boy and Quavo of the Migos, let that shit be with them. Sean Kingston, relax. Because we ain’t gon’ do too much playing, man. So relax. Stay outta that. I ain’t telling you nothin’ but one time.”

The police are wanting to QUESTION the rap trio about the incident.

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