Monday, February 27, 2017

#LilKim TEASES a 'Ladies Night' 2017 with #RemyMa & #CardiB!?

Be honest, would you like to see a new LADIES ANTHEM with Lil' Kim, Remy Ma, Trina and Cardi B?  That would be kinda FLY, right?

Well, Kim recently put it in the ATMOSPHERE at a recent show in Pennsylvania:

“Let me give a shout out to my beautiful sisters that were on this stage earlier,” Kim said at the concert, which also featured Remy and Cardi B. “Cardi B, that’s baby! Remy, bitch, I fucking love your ass. That’s my baby. Maybe y’all might see something in the future. How ’bout that? Another ‘Ladies Night.’ We might be due for that.”

See what she had to say after the JUMP!

Kim a VET so we not even going to go in on her for that ILL-FITTING OUTFIT that makes her look like she is wearing an ADULT DIAPER that needs to be changed. Let's bypass that for a minute. Remy was on the same show with Kim that night and Remy's name is HOT IN THESE STREETS this weekend after the shETHER annihilation of Nicki Minaj. Kim has her own BAD BLOOD with Nicki, so a collab with Remy would be the ICING ON THE CAKE, right?? Trina has also voiced her interest in the possible remake. She did a recent interview with DJ Kay Slay where she talked about the HUGE record Kim did way back when with Left Eye, Angie Martinez and Missy:

“There’s so many girls but the platform is not there for this one to do a record with this one and for this to be a big collaboration,” she told Shade 45. “There’s nobody doing that. When there was ‘Ladies Night,’ there was Kim, Missy, Left Eye, Angie Martinez. That’s still one of the most amazing and best records, classic, of all times, but all females. I’m afraid to think we may never have another record like that.”

And of course Cardi B would be down with it. I mean, what else is she doing? It would be a WIN/WIN for her to be a on a record with these 3 notable FEMCEES, right? Right. So hopefully the ladies can get something together and make some history. We'll see...

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