Thursday, February 2, 2017

#LHHNY Reunion 7 SPOILERS- Fights, Spats and a lot of WIG-PULLING went down!! [details]

'Love & Hip Hop' is WINDING down and with the end of the season near, the REUNION special can't be too far behind, RIGHT?  Right.  Now the TAPING has already begun in NYC and much of the DRAMA from the season of course spilled over into the REUNION SPECIAL.  There was a lot of NAME-CALLING, SHADE, READS and of course some WIG-PULLING to be had.  Yandy found herself in the middle of a CAT FIGHT that resulted in HAIR flying all over the place.  Mendeecees makes an appearance to try to CORRAL all of his BABY MAMAS, while Mariah Lynn finds herself in the middle of Cisco and Rich Dollaz BEEF.  THEY SAY Kimbella had to be removed from the stage and there was a 'SURPRISE' proposal as well..and that's just the HALF of it... has the EXCLUSIVE dish on what has gone down so far:

According to TJB Yandy Smith didn’t get into a physical fight, Yandy’s cousin Keshia actually ran on stage to fight Sam. According to this source, Yandy, Judy (Mendeecees Harris’ mother), Mendeecees’ sister and Kimbella (Yandy’s BFF) were going back-and-forth with Erika, Sam and Kim (Sam’s mom). Kimbella actually threw her shoe at Erika, and Bianca was also throwing in her two cents from the sideline. At one point, Sam and Yandy were going back-and-forth when Keisha ran up on stage and pulled Sam’s hair, pulling her completely off the couch she was sitting on. This turned into one huge scene, with even Yandy’s hairstylist trying to get onto the stage to fight. According to our source, they were all trying to get to Sam. Security had to shut it down after the dust settled, removing everyone to avoid another blow-up.
The rumors are looking to be true and Hollywood Life also claims that a police report confirmed it. Included in that report are the following details.

“The victim, female and 33, states that while she was taping a show there was a confrontation that broke out and one of the cast members approached the victim and an unknown member from the audience began grabbing and punching the victim and pulling her hair.”

The age matches up with Samantha Wallace’s age and the details all sound about right. Rumor has it that the “random a**” audience member that put her hands on Samantha wasn’t so random after all. There are reports that it was actually one of Yandy’s cousins and when the fight broke out on stage, her cousin jumped in to make sure Yandy wasn’t getting teamed up on since she’s clearly outnumbered by the other baby mamas and their friends and family.

Mendeecees was a part of the show. A prerecorded conversation of Mendeecees was played during
which he said he met Erika while Sam was pregnant. He denied traveling all over the world with Erika (although he admits going on some trips with her), and said they had sex one time, unprotected, and Erika got pregnant.

At one point, Kimbella was physically removed from the stage.

–Mariah Lynn was involved in multiple spats including a huge disagreement between Rich Dollaz and Cisqo. MariahLynn fittingly promises us that season 7’s final episode is going to be full of drama! “I’ve never seen a reunion like this since Joseline [Hernandez] and Stevie J went nuts on stage,” she confessed on the Domenick Nati Show.

-Rich and Cisqo almost came to blows.
Drew pops the question, proposing to his girlfriend Sky.

-Also, Swift’s ex-girlfriend Asia and Cardi B also got into it, with Cardi throwing her shoe at Asia.

The reunion airs later this month...

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