Tuesday, February 28, 2017

*Updated*- It's OFFICIAL! #Xscape has REUNITED!!! [video]

We didn't think it would happen.  WE ALL saw the Xscape 'Unsung'.  Tensions were HIGH and FEELINGS were raw, but Xscape has REUNITED!!!

Sources say the ladies have reunited and it was in part to 'The New Edition Story' on BET!!

ALL FOUR FOUNDING members of the HIT girl group sat down with Big Tigger of V-103 in Atlanta to BREAK the BIG NEWS!!

“So to what do I owe the great honor of having all four members of Xscape in the same proximity?” Big Tigger asked. (LaTocha had to call in.)

Well curiously enough – as Kandi explained – she was watching fellow legendary R&B group New Edition‘s biopic on BET recently when she finally decided it might be time to “Cool It Now.” (HAD TO do it.)

“We have too much history for us to hold on to [what kept them apart],” LaTocha said.

And what exactly was that? How did it finally, emotionally, get resolved just last night? And now that they are officially back together, what’s next – new music, a tour and/or a movie of their own?

MORE details to COME....


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