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#WWHL: @Kandi COSIGNS #NeneLeakes POV on her and #PhaedraParks current relationship! [vid]

Did you MISS the OUTSPOKEN NeNe Leakes on 'Watch What Happens Live' with Andy Cohen?  You know it's always a good time and INFORMATIVE when NeNe returns to the clubhouse.

NeNe was DROPPING a lot of GEMS and quips and one liners as she always does..but one thing she said that resonated with me was her P.O.V. on the status of  Kandi and Phaedra's relationship.  NOW SHE HIT THE NAIL on the MUTHA--U know the rest-- HEAD.

I've been saying for YEARS the same thing..but I'm not 'BIG IN THESE STREETS' like most, so nobody be listening to me too much.  But we've seen for several seasons, Phaedra 'throwing the rocks and hiding her hands'.  She will dish some KRAY KRAY stuff then look back as if she is this DEMURE 'Southern Belle' with no flaws.  Kandi and she developed a GREAT relationship, from what we could tell.  And we all know when you are COOL with a person, you know where all the 'bodies are buried'.  AS FRIENDS, you talk trash, do dirt and keep SECRETS in the vault that many will never know.  THAT IS until the friendship goes LEFT.  MOST GOOD friends will keep it pushing--no love lost-- and the secrets are left in the vault.  THAT IS UNTIL the other FRIEND start dropping BOMBS all the while you are trying to take the high road.  FROM WHAT WE HAVE SEEN, Kandi since coming on to the 'RHOA' landscape, she has been about the REALEST and most TRANSPARENT one of all.  She even BUMPED HEADS with the 'HEAD PEACH' at the time, NeNe because NeNe seemed to be a bit 'resistant' to her GROWING presence on the show.  Y'all remember that episode when Kandi and NeNe went head to head for the FIRST TIME.....

At any rate their relationship and interaction had its ebb and flows during their time of filming together.  NOW THAT Kandi is the lone 'PEACH' with the LONGEST RUN on the show, the landscape has changed.  Kandi still remains the BAROMETER for the show in my opinion.  She is not on one side or the other, she still maintains relationships with all the ladies...that is with the exception on Phaedra.  Their ONCE close bond has weathered many a storm and now it appears to be just 'cordial'.  BUT PHAEDRA for quite a few seasons now have been throwing little daggers at Kandi and Kandi's family.  I like all the ladies on the show, but y'all know Phaedra be getting those one-liners in at the expense of a lot of the girl's on the cast--particularly Kandi and Todd.  She has had MORE THAN ENOUGH commentary about them and Kandi's whole crew ever since the production deal between she and Todd went SOUTH.  Then the whole Apollo incident where she felt Todd and Kandi were 'siding' with him and etc etc.  Kandi always tried to take the HIGH ROAD until Phaedra CONTINUED to drop 'BOMBS' about her and her people.  It's only enough one person can take before they strike back ,right?  Well Kandi is finally striking back.  For some time now we could see that Kandi was 'playing nice' for TV, but we could SENSE she knew  alot about Phaedra's life that she wish not let out on TV because they actually had a genuine OFF-CAMERA relationship.  (Run-on sentence--but OH WELL--email me with your thoughts on that like you guys like to do-LOL)  The LINES OF FRIENDSHIP and GIRL CODE have BLURRED when Phaedra brings up aspects of their OFF-CAMERA life on FRONT STREET!  RUMOR and INNUENDO will make a lot of people wonder and speculate, right?  SO NOW since Phaedra chose to drop her BOMBS--Kandi is DROPPING her dirt that she knows on her FRIEND as well.  ALL IS fair in LOVE and WAR, right?  Turn-around is FAIR GAME and NeNe gave a FAIR analysis of the state of their relationship as it stands today--Kandi appears to agree.  Here is what NeNe had to say:

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She summed about 3 seasons up in 90 seconds.  Don't 'shoot' if you don't want to be 'shot' at.  And of course we are speaking METAPHORICALLY.  Ain't nobody 'shooting' at anybody but you know what I mean.  WHO WOULD'VE thought Kandi and NeNe would be IN SYNC with their thinking, right?  It will be interesting to see how Phaedra sees this P.O.V.

NeNe NAILED it as only she could.  Let's hope that at some point the two can patch things up.  But as it stands, there will be more DIRT revealed and more TEA spilled before these two get on the same page it seems.  MAYBE NeNe will come back at the END of the season to help PATCH THINGS UP!!  Andy said the DOOR is ALWAYS OPEN for NeNe to make a RETURN..this would be a GREAT story arc to cap the season off..... ANDY????

We see EACH OTHA!!

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