Monday, January 2, 2017

WATCH #RHOA Season 9 ep 8 'Bosom Buddies' [full ep]

The juicy details surrounding Kandi and Phaedra’s disastrous lunch begin to spread like wildfire, leaving Porsha on a mission to defend Phaedra from the allegations. When Porsha and ShereĆ© decide to confront Kandi about the drama, everyone is left speechless when new accusations are brought to the table. Meanwhile, Cynthia looks to get a different type of makeover, while her daughter Noelle and soon-to-be-ex Peter share a tearful reunion. Kandi celebrates her daughter Riley’s 14th birthday as ShereĆ© deals with the cost of having expensive taste and Porsha takes an unusual exercise class to help spice up her new relationship.
Watch 'RHOA' season 9 episode 8 after the jump!

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