Tuesday, January 3, 2017

THROWBACK: #PattiLabelle SINGS 'This Christmas' with NO BACK-UP and SOUND ISSUES! [vid]

Now some may say that I am just DRAGGING this Mariah Carey NYE fiasco to DEATH.  But it WARANTS a lot of TALK.  MC is one of the GREATEST voices of MY era.  No one can ARGUE that one and win.  TOP SELLING FEMALE of all time, I believe?  Or something like that.  but that New Year's Eve performance will go down in FLAMES as one of the WORSE on LIVE TV. Let's just say that.  NOT TAKING away from her 'legacy' as some have said to me.  Some even said that MARIAH owes the fans NOTHING because she is 'Mariah'.  Now that type pf thinking is why she feels she can THROW away a performance the way she did and not be CALLED ON IT.  Now I am a FAN of her MUSIC.  Her DIVA-antics, not so much.  But that is the WORLD of Mariah, and that is just the way it is.  That being said, MC is not NEW to the GAME.  AMID all the STRUGGLES and even sound ISSUES, she should've been able to SALVAGE something out of that performance, right?

Let's go all the way back to 1996.  Patti Labelle was singing 'This Christmas' at the White House off of CUE CARDS with no BACKGROUND singers!!  She did not walk way or throw the PERFORMANCE away.  In her own SIGNATURE BRAND, Patti made the BEST of a situation!  She was given 'SHITTY YAMS' and made 'Patti's Pies' out of a BAD SITUATION.  Let's REVISIT shall we??

Was it her BEST? No, But she made it work. So the Mariah fans saying this and that. This is just one MORSEL of evidence that MC could've still did a little more to save that performance. IJS.

Don't we just LOVE Patti, though!?  That wasn't even her SONG.  Mariah WROTE her songs and still... anyways.. I'm going to LEAVE MC right here...and that's all....


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