Monday, January 9, 2017

The REAL reason #NickiMinaj and #MeekMill SPLIT! [details]

Tons of fans REJOICED last week when Nicki Minaj CONFIRMED that she had SPLIT from her beau, Meek Mill!  I know I DID!

Now we are getting NEW DETAILS as to why the two SPLIT!

According to sources the FINALE STRAW came when the TWO were in Turks and Caicos celebrating Nicki's recent birthday.  If you recall, all seemed well with the two..They were seen lounging and enjoying each other.  But INSIDERS say that an ARGUMENT erupted between the two because Minaj felt Meek was spending too much time with his FRIENDS and not enough time CATERING to her!  I mean that's UNDERSTANDABLE, right, it WAS her BIRTHDAY after all.

After she confronted him about it, Meel Mill became upset and left the island without her, and THAT allegedly was the last straw for NIcki who then called it ALL OFF. There have been RUMORS of INFIDELITY on the part of Meek Mill, but we are not CERTAIN, all we know is that NICKI is SINGLE and back in the studio with her MENTOR, Lil' Wayne.

SO ONCE you get your mind back in the game-FIRE starts to burn! SO we can EXPECT a GREAT follow-up to Nicki's 'The Pinkprint' now that she has gotten back on track and is single. Maybe we can get another FIRE COLLAB with Drake. We can only hope that since she split from Meek, that she and Drake can get back on TRACK as well... LET's wait and see....

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