Tuesday, January 3, 2017

WORD FROM THE CURB is.. #KimBurrell AXED from 'Ellen' after ANTI-LGBT rant! [vid]

Kim Burrell has been UNDER FIRE for her recent REMARKS about HOMOSEXUALITY and the LGBT community.  She was SLATED to appear on 'Ellen' this week to perform alongside Pharrell to promote the movie 'Hidden Figures'.

RUMOR HAS IT, that she has been AXED from PERFORMING and it came from Janelle Monae who IS SLATED to appear on the SHOW!

TMZ caught up with Monae at LAX and this is what she had to SAY:

Janelle Monae all but CONFIRMS that Kim Burrell will NOT be PERFORMING!

She REMINDS us that SHE will be there THOUGH--ooooh the SHADE OF IT ALL Janelle--LOL

No OFFICIAL word from the 'Ellen' camp, yet, so we will have to SEE what happens, right?



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