Wednesday, January 4, 2017

#MariahCarey FIRES creative director, #AnthonyBurrell after NYE debacle!! [details]

As to be EXPECTED, after Mariah's NIGHTMARE NEW YEAR'S EVE performance, heads ROLLED.  One on the CHOPPING BLOCK was that of longtime background DANCER and creative director, Anthony Burrell.  We've come to know him SLIGHTLY on 'Mariah's World'.  But it appears that that's were the 'BUS' drops him off, because ALLEGEDLY MC has FIRED HIM!!

ONE REASON that MC was PERTURBED with him is that he had Carey’s back-up singers moved off stage before the DREADFUL DOWNFALL of a PERFORMANCE. That left MC without ANY vocal support when the TRACK went out on 'Emotions'.

A source confirmed the news with ET Online on Wednesday (Jan. 4). “He’s not being brought back [in 2017] for a number of reasons,” said the insider. SO maybe this is just one of MANY FAUX PAS the dancer, turned CREATIVE DIRECTOR has been A PART OF. As we saw on the docu-series, he got into a TIFF with one of MC's good friends and BACKGROUND singers for bringing her son along on the tour bus. The SINGER at that point insinuated that Burrell was 'FEELING HIMSELF'. So maybe he got the BIG HEAD?? But at any rate, HE WENT OUT with a BANG because the DANCERS did not MISS A BEAT even though Mariah allegedly couldn't hear any of those BEATS... The DANCERS TWIRLED and WRITHED around on the stage as if the rent was DUE that

I am sure he will land on his FEET and get another GIG... But wait, an insider says he was NOT 'FIRED'. Maybe DEMOTED?

According to the insider, Burrell, who is featured on Carey’s docuseries Mariah’s World, allegedly contributed to Carey’s onstage troubles when he moved her backup singers off stage to make room for more dancers, leaving them unable to help when things went haywire. As previously reported, Carey claimed that she couldn’t hear during the performance and therefore couldn’t perform.

"Had [the backup singers] been on stage, they could have heard the music and picked up for Mariah and saved the performance,” the insider explains. A second insider clarifies that while Carey and Burrell have parted ways, he "was not fired." Says the source: “Mariah does not blame him for what happened. He just made a bad decision about something that actually mattered that evening.”

SO 'Part WAYS', 'Fired' all the same, right? SEMANTICS.

WE THINK THERE IS MORE TO THIS STORY..let's hope it PLAYS OUT on the 'docu-series'!

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