Saturday, January 14, 2017

#KodakBlack talks #LilWayne beef and sex assault charges with #TheBreakfastClub

Kodak Black stopped by 'The Breakfast Club' to give a rather ODD interview wearing  a SKI MASK.  He talked about his ongoing FEUD with with Lil' Wayne.  Well can you call it a feud if one of the parties involved claims to not know the other?

In a past interview Wayne claims to not even KNOW who Kodak Black is:

When asked about Kodak, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, and Lil Yachty Weezy said, “I swear to God I didn’t know you were saying people’s names just now,” he responded when asked about the artists. “I just do my own thing.”

Black however says OTHERWISE: “You know who I am,” he said. “Nicki Minaj know who I am.” We can GATHER he was addressing Wayne. He was also asked about his pending criminal sexual misconduct charge. “I take the bitter with the sweet,” he said. “I don’t even like the name of that charge, but I gotta take the bitter with the sweet. I want to enjoy the fruits of the game so even whatever, however, you know what I’m saying?”

Get into the FULL, kinda BIZARRE interview after the JUMP!

Ummm... OK... And the PURPOSE of the mask????

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