Thursday, January 26, 2017

#ChrisetteMichele SPEAKS about Inauguration performance and MORE with #TheBreakfastClub! [vid]

Chrisette Michelle has been BLASTED all across the NEWS for performing at President Trump's Inauguration ball. Now the 'Unbreakable' singer is speaking out about all the DRAMA that followed her accepting the gig and not meeting the president at the ball and MUCH MORE with 'The Breakfast Club'.

“Part of me is brokenhearted by what’s going on,” she explained. “Part of my self-esteem, my ego is hurting because I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know if anybody is listening. A part of me as a person, not a singer at the ball, but as a person, wanted to say, ‘My black matters. This is black.’ A part of me wanted to say, ‘This is what what we sing like. This how we stand.’ A part of me felt like, ‘Have you ever seen me before? Are y’all talking about me in this campaign?’ So, yeah, I think I made an impact.”

See what else she had to say after the JUMP!!

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