Thursday, January 12, 2017

#BlackInkCrew NY season 5 is going to be CRAZY! Supertrailer is HERE! [vid]

Black Ink Crew New York is back and this season is crazy!  it's a new day a new time and location Caesar is in the heart of Harlem and he seems to be on top of the world but his world is soon to come crashing down around him. Ted is now in charge of the old black ink location and has plans to turn it into an all-female tattoo shop !

Dmx is on the scene wilding out. Dutchess and Caesar are happier than ever ,so we think but did Caesar have a another baby on the side? There are new faces in the place and Donna has gone missing! Revelations come out that Caesar has another girl pregnant and puts Dutchess into a tailspin.  Oh s*** is clean and sober but is he really ?He has a new woman on his arm and a new name to go with it but is she the ultimate con artist?  Sky  bump heads with the new tattoo artist and weaves get pulled and wigs fly! And just when we thought it couldn't get any worse Caesar is involved in a fatal car crash!  Will he be ok? check out the super trailer for Black Ink Crew New York season 5 after the jump


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