Wednesday, January 18, 2017

#Beyonce PROMOTES #WomensMarch protest to FOLLOW Trump Inauguration! [details]

Beyonce is promoting a Women's March initiative taking place this Saturday (Jan. 21) at the Capitol in what seems a protest to Donald Trump!  Said march will take place one day after the President-elect is sworn in at the inauguration ceremony. DETAILS....

This is what the MARCH is all about:

via [The New Yorker]

The idea for the march is credited to Teresa Shook, a retired attorney and grandmother of four who lives in Hawaii. The night after the election, she created a Facebook page suggesting a protest. By the time she went to bed, there were forty R.S.V.P.s; when she woke up, there were more than ten thousand. That same night, a fashion designer in Brooklyn named Bob Bland also proposed, on Facebook, a women’s protest. (Bland had accrued a few thousand politically minded Facebook followers during the election, after she created T-shirts that said “Nasty Woman” and sold them to raise money for Planned Parenthood.) She and Shook combined their events; a few other women volunteered as organizers; word spread.

If you RECALL, Beyonce and Jay Z support and campaigned for Hillary Clinton.
It's unclear if Beyonce will attend, but Katy Perry, Cher, Zendaya, Madonna and others have confirmed they will. But her STARPOWER alone is ENOUGH to make this a STRONG STATEMENT!

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