Monday, June 26, 2017

WATCH: #ClawsTNT season 1 ep 2 'Quicksand' [full ep]

Virginia’s lies deepen as Desna tries to cover their tracks. Meanwhile, Desna is determined to get her dream salon, and Desna and Bryce are in danger of Uncle Daddy’s wrath when something goes awry at the clinic. After the debacle at the clinic all involved are hemmed up by Uncle Daddy to the tune of 80k! Desna sees a ghost from her past that makes the twisted plot thicken even more! WATCH 'Claws' season 1 episode 3, 'Quicksand' after the JUMP!

The GOOD the BAD and the UGLY of the #BETAwards 17! [details]

The BET Awards is ANNUALLY one of the most TOUTED and TALKED ABOUT award shows to hit TELEVISION.  That being said, they most times knock it out of the part, but a SHOW of this caliber doesn't always go off without a HITCH.  There are some HITS and MISSES every year and we are going to TALK ABOUT it RIGHT HERE!  Let's BREAK IT DOWN---the GOOD the BAD and the damn right UGLY!!

Now let's start off with the GOOD.  There were a lot of GOOD things about the AWARDS show.

WATCH: #Power season 4 ep 1 'When I Get Out' [full ep]

Ghost faces threats from all sides following his arrest for the murder of Agent Knox; Tasha scrambles to get bail as the Feds begin to build their case; Tommy navigates his new role and enlists help in recovering Tariq. WATCH 'Power' season 4 episode 1 after the JUMP!!

#EzekielElliott + #IsaiahThomas and MORE get NAKED for #ESPN Body Issue! [vid]

The HUMAN body is a BEAUTIFUL thing.  ESPN magazine ANNUALLY showcases this in their BODY ISSUE!

NEW VIDEO: #Future 'PIE' feat. #ChrisBrown [vid]

Future has another NEW ONE, this time with Chris Brown in the form of 'PIE'.  You can imagine JUST what this 'pie' is referring too.  And everything goes GOOD with Breezy on the HOOK, right?  Take a LOOK and LISTEN after the JUMP!!

#JoeBudden EXPLAINS his anger during the #Migos interview! [details]

By now we have seen the PRICKLY interview between Migos, DJ Akademiks and Joe Budden.  In case you missed [here it is].  SO NOW Joe Budden explains why he was mad during the interview and what set him OFF!!

Joe said he had had ENOUGH!!!

NEW VIDEO: #DJKhaled 'It's Secured' feat. #TravisScott + #Nas [vid]

HOT off the RELEASE of his 'Grateful' album, DJ Khalid drops ANOTHER action-packed, star studded video for 'It's Secured' featuring Travis $cott and Nas!  Take a LOOK!!

#Migos + #JoeBudden nearly come to blows during #BETAwards carpet interview! [vid]

The BET Awards is arguably one of the BIGGEST shows on TV every year.  So of course there is a lot going on particularly on the red carpet.  So DJ Akademics & Joe Budden were doing an interview with Migos.  The interview got PRICKLY when it appeared that Akademiks couldn't hear the ANSWER to an ill-conceived question he gave to one of the members of the group.  Budden can noticeably be seen getting ANNOYED.  Once he tries to PREMATURELY end the interview and stands up in DISGUST to walk off--the EXCITEMENT starts.  Migos, obviously feeling DISRESPECTED, reacts!  TAKE A LOOK!!

WAKE UP JAM: #MarquesHouston 'Clubbin' feat. #JoeBudden [vid]


Some are dragging themselves back to REALITY and the EVERYDAY STRUGGLE after a night of 'CLUBBIN', right?  With all that..let's go back a bit with Joe Budden & Marques Houston's hit, 'Clubbin'.  Joe is a TRENDING TOPIC today, so let's keep it GOING....

#BETAwards 17 #NewEdition gets a Lifetime Achievement award with an ALL-STAR tribute! [vid]

New Edition still got IT!  The LEGENDARY boy band received the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's BET awards and the TRIBUTE was EPIC!  Not only did the WHOLE group perform, but ALL of their COUNTERPARTS from 'The New Edition Story' UNITED on stage for one MEGA CONCERT event not to be matched!  Take a look at all this BLACK EXCELLENCE in WHITE!!!

WORLD PREMIERE: #TamarBraxton 'My Man' [vid]

HOT OFF her SMOKING HOT BET Awards performance, Tamar Braxton UNLEASHES the beautiful video for her HIT single, 'My Man'!! Take a LOOK!!!

#BETAWARDS 17: #Xscape BURNED the stage down!!! [vid]

All I can say is that Xscape tore up the stage after an 18 year break!  Take a LOOK!!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

#BETAwards 17 ALL-Access Backstage COVERAGE-LIVE HERE!! [vid]

It all goes goes DOWN backstage at at the BET AWARDS 2017!! Check out all the interviews and the CELEBS stopping by LIVE!!!


Remembering #FarrahFawcett! [video]

When Farrah Fawcett passed away on June 25, 2009, it wasn't long before the unexpected death of Michael Jackson took over the headlines for the rest of the day, and year, for that matter.

Seven years later, it's worth remembering Fawcett, who died of cancer at 62, as the pinup who won us over with a legendary poster in the '70s, and as an actress who stood out among "Charlie's Angels." After just one season on that ABC series, Fawcett was a star. She went on to achieve critical success elsewhere on television, including an Emmy nod for the 1984 movie "The Burning Bed."

#BETAwards17- WATCH #Xscape LIVE from REHEARSALS & soundcheck! [vid]

WHO ELSE is STOKED that Xscape is PERFORMING tonight at the BET AWARDS!?? Well check out the ladies preparing for their BIG RETURN to stage together LIVE from REHEARSALS and SOUNDCHECK and they took a few questions from the FANS!  TAKE A LOOK!!

Greatest #BETAwards MOMENT! #JamesBrown & #MichaelJackson ONSTAGE TOGETHER 2003!! [video]

BET Awards 2013 IMPACTS in just a FEW HOURS so this PRICELESS moment came to mind. What do you get when you to of the GREATEST  PERFORMERS hit the stage at once!!?!?!?

YOU GET the BET Awards 2003-James Brown is awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award and is presented by none other than, Michael Jackson!!

Remembering the LIFE & LEGACY of #TheKingOfPop #MichaelJackson [video]

It's sometimes still hard to believe that Michael Jackson, THE KING OF POP, in body is gone away from us!  EIGHT years, and it seems like yesterday.  But today we will celebrate LIFE!

On this anniversary of his passing, let's remember the legacy, the entertainment and all the JOY this one man brought to THE WORLD!!!

MORE after the JUMP

#BETAwards - Best Moments in #BETAwards HISTORY! [video]

In just a few hours, the biggest and brightest will flock to The Microsoft Center in Los Angeles, for what has become arguably the greatest night of urban/pop music showcase.  That's right, the BET Awards 17!  One of the highest viewed awards show on television.  It's hard to believe that BET has been putting this fete on for 16 years already! Where did the time go?  There is one thing that can be said about the annual event and that is you never know just what to expect.  We have come to expect the unexpected, really.  We know we will see the biggest, latest and brightest stars put their best feet forward, but there is always a special twist or surprise that will have the viewers talking for days after a the water cooler.  So without further fanfare and accolades, let's just take a look back at some of the most memorable BET Awards moments since its inception in 2001.  Some of you may disagree about the order that these moments may fall, but at the end of the day, this is how I see it in MY mind.  So take a look and pick out your faves!

10: Christina Aguilera honors Whitney Houston!

Christina wows the audience with her rendition of Whitney's

'Run to you' as Houston goes on to accept the Lifetime Achievement Award.

9:Destiny's Child offer 'Lap Dances'

Destiny's Child, offer up lapdances to 'unsuspecting' men from the audience as they perform their megahit 'Cater 2 U'.  The lucky 3 were Terrence Howard, Nelly & Magic Johnson back in 2005's show.

8:'Fire & Desire' Teena Marie and Rick James reunite!

This was a spastic, off the cuff performance back in 2004, but still memorable in its originality.  The two icons, friends, lovers, reunited for one night only and gave the world

'Fire & Desire' for the last time.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

WATCH: #RuPaulsDragRace season 9 ep 14 'Grand Finale' [full ep]

WATCH as the TOP 4 QUEENS battle to the END as they LIP SYNC for the CROWN in RuPaul's Dragrace season 9 episode 14, 'GRANDE FINALE'!

WATCH: #BETxBall Celeb Basketball game highlights with #ChrisBrown #TheGame & MORE! [vid]

So who WON the BET Experience Celebrity Basketball game this year, The BALLERS, or the SHOT CALLERS?? Check out all the highlights HERE!!!

WATCH: #QueenoftheSouth season 2 ep 3 ' Un Pacto Con el Diablo' [full ep]

On a mission to destroy Epifanio's drug smuggling tunnels, Teresa and James come face-to-face with a group of American border vigilantes. WATCH 'Queen of the South' season 2 episode 3 'A Pact with the Devil' after the JUMP!!!

NEW MUSIC: #TLC 'American Gold' [audio]

TLC is steadily pushing out new music ahead of their album release on June 30th!  This time we have 'American Gold', a hauntingly beautiful ode to tragedy and loss.  We know the duo have BOTH faced their fair share of both... Take a listen!

NEW MUSIC: #PARTYNEXTDOOR 'Freak In You' feat. #Drake [audio]

PARTYNEXTDOOR is back with the remix to 'Freak In You'.  This time, he has his collaborator, Drake along for the RIDE!! Take a LISTEN!

#Safaree responds to #MeekMill! Calls him a P*SSY! [vid]

Safaree has a few CHOICE words for Meek Mill after that SNEAK ATTACK at Angel Brinks' event!  I can see this ESCALATING fast... Here is what Samuels had to say!

#MeekMill's crew 'JUMPS' #Safaree! [vid]

Word from the curb is that Meek Mill's CREW JUMPED Safaree on sight!  Not sure for what reason..maybe some RESIDUAL Nicki Minaj stuff...but at any is some footage from their little DUST-UP!  Apparently the scuffle happened outside of former 'Basketball Wives' star Angel Brinks' event!

NEW MUSIC: #Omarion 'The Reasons' [vid]

Omarion is prepping his latest album on MMG, 'Reasons'.  But before that, Omarion tokk on a HUGE task--remaking a CLASSIC Earth, Wind & Fire song, 'Reasons'.  Not many people can match the timeless falsetto of Phillip Bailey, but O took a stab at it and here is the outcome.  TAKE A LOOK & LISTEN!

Friday, June 23, 2017

WATCH: #GUHHATL season 1 ep 5 'Watch Me Flip, Watch Me Nae Nae' [full ep]

Bow's excuses get him into trouble with Da Brat; Deb secretly plans a reunion with Bow and his estranged dad; a fight breaks out when Brandon crashes Reginae's 18th birthday dinner and disrespects Wayne, again. WATCH 'Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta season 2 episode 5 after the JUMP!

HOT or NOT?? #Eminem joins the #BEARDGANG! [pics]

Eminem was SPOTTED at the premiere of "The Defiant Ones" (a documentary about the partnership between Dre and Jimmy Iovine) in L.A. Thursday night sporting a BEARD!! This is something NEW, right? HOT or NOT??

#JohnnyDepp APOLOGIZES for #DonaldTrump Assassination 'joke'! [details]

You KNEW this was going to COME.. Johnny Depp APOLOGIZES for his ILL-THOUGHT about joke about assassinating President Trump!  If you missed that VIDEO SOUND BITE, revist it HERE.

But Depp had this to say about the 'JOKE'.

#FlashbackFriday: #JuelzSantana 'There It Go' (The Whistle Song) [vid]

Let's take it back to 2005---Juelz Santana had the CLUBS BANGIN' with 'There It Go'!  You may know it better as 'The Whistle Song'!!  FLASHBACK FRIDAY..LET'S GO!!!

#BETAwards 17- It's going DOWN right now at the #BETAwardsRadio Room! [vid]

We are STILL getting REVVED up for the 2017 BET Awards and of course the PRESS ROOM is ON and POPPIN!  That's RIGHT everybody that is ANYBODY has to stop through the BET AWARDS RADIO room!  I mean if you want to be HEARD and to push a new song or throw a little SHADE, the RADIO ROOM is the PLACE to be... See who's CHECKING IN from the WEST COAST... I see Remy ma, I See Fat Joe, Tamar Braxton,  DJ Khaled is 'GRATEFUL' to be in the building, Nick Cannon, just to name a FEW.... GET INTO who else STOPPED IN....

STAR TRACKS: #StephCurry SHIRTLESS in Hawaii!! [pics]

Steph Curry is DEFINITELY enjoying a little DOWNTIME while celebrating another NBA championship!  Curry was seen SHIRTLESS with a BEER and a CIGAR--what a way to kcik back with the FAMILY, right?

*More Pics after the JUMP!!

The REAL reason #LeftEye will BARELY be on #TLC's FINAL album!

TLC's final album is due out June 30th, thanks in part to you guys SUPPORTING that gofundme, or whatever campaign that was.  While we are happy that the ladies are still doing their thing after the TRAGIC passing of Left-Eye, the new music is...OKAY, but is's MISSING something, right?  A BIG SOMETHING---LEFT-EYE!  She was the CREATIVE force behind the group for sure and her RAPS always ADDED that FINAL TOUCH to countless masterpieces.  The SINGLES that have been BIRTHED from the new album are good...But they could be GREAT if Left Eye was on them...but sadly, Lisa is very LIMITED on the new music and this is WHY!

Chilli and T-Boz were asked about Left-Eye's precence or lack there-of on the album and this is what was said:

STREAM: #DJKhaled's 'Grateful' is HERE! [audio]

DJ Khaled's STAR STUDDED new album 'Grateful' is HERE.  Listen to each track before you download right here after the JUMP!!!

WAKE UP JAM: #JillScott 'He Loves Me' (House Mix) [audio]

Image result for he loves me jill scott

Love.  We all need it...especially different... Let's go back with Jill Scott's 'He Loves Me'--THE HOUSE MIX!!!!

#NickiMinaj takes a few JABS at #RemyMa on 'I Can't Lie' and MORE! [details]

The 'BEEF' continues.... After Remy said it was over, more rumblings came out in the industry prompting Remy to BLAST Nicki at this year's annual Summer Jam...

SO OF COURSE Nicki had to STRIKE BACK...kinda...

#JohnnyDepp jokes about assassinating #DonaldTrump! [vid]

Johnny Depp? Really?  Have we learned NOTHING from the recent antics of Kathy Griffin!?  Depp joins the list of CELEBS to put their foot in their mouths and got the SECRET SERVICE watching I'm sure.  Depp just made a 'joke' about assassinating the President!


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