Monday, October 31, 2016

#Beyonce & #BlueIvy EMBODY #SaltNPepa !vid]

Beyonce ALWAYS manages to OUTDO herself every year around Halloween time.  This year was no different.  For her cousin' Angela Beyince's 40th BDAY, Bey went all out!  The theme of the party was 'The 80's & 90's' and who ROCKED the times like no OTHER?? Salt n Pepa!!  Bey and Blue Ivy and even Momma Tina Lawson all got in on the FUN!!  Check the VIDEO out after the JUMP!!!

Rumor Patrol! #IdrisElba is NOT chopping down #Madonna...yet? [vid]

RUMORS have been 'SWIRLING' around for a few weeks now that Idris Elba and Madonna were DATING!

Specualtion reached FEVER-PITCH when Madge was ringside at Elba's 1st kickboxing match this past Friday in London!  She POSTED the clips on her Instagram page:

#BlacChyna dresses up as #RobKardashian for #Halloween! [vid]

It seems that EVERYONE is getting into the HALLOWEEN spirit.  Some of the CLEVER costumes I've seen today are mind-blowing---MINDBLOWING that people have that kind of time to spend thinking up some of these GAGS.  Blac Chyna obviously had TIME today.  She decided to go as--YOU GUESSED IT, her baby daddy, Rob Kardashian.  She even has a FRIEND of hers dress up as HER!  Check the FUNNY CLIPS after the JUMP!!

WAKE UP JAM: #BobbyPickett & The Crypt Keepers 'Monster Mash' [vid]

Wake it up! Time to get SPOOKY for Halloween! Let's go WAY BACK with the Monster Mash!

WATCH: #Insecure season 1 ep 4 'Thirsty as F' [full ep]

Issa turns to Daniel for help during Career Day; Molly finds herself in a tough position at work; Lawrence bonds with a surprising confidante.WATCH 'Insecure' season 1 episode 4 after the jump!

WATCH: #TWD 'The Walking Dead' season 7 ep 2 'The Well' [full ep]

Following the murder of a number of familiar faces, we are introduced to a new well-established community that seems too good to be true. WATCH 'The Walking Dead' season 7 episode 2 after the jump.

HAPPY #HALLOWEEN!!!! Best 'HAUNTING' Songs!!! #Michaeljackson, #Rayparkerjr, #Rockwell & MORE[VIDEO]

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all the GUYS and GHOULS!!! Yeah, I know that was corny, but oh well!  On this HAUNTINGLY DELICIOUS DAY, i thought we should get into some of the BEST HALLOWEEN/Haunting Songs.  The all time TOP Halloween song of all time comes from the TOP ENTERTAINER in the world of course!!!!!!!! MICHAEL JACKSON! But there are a host of other NOTABLE HALLOWEEN SONGS as Well.  I am going to do it Brillion-A-Million style and do a countdown. B, how do you do this-- do u go from top to bottom or vice-versa?  I am going to start at the TOP!

1. 'Thriller'- Michael Jackson
No explanation needed on this CLASSIC!"Thriller," which hit No. 4 on the Hot 100 in 1984, is the most-downloaded Halloween-themed hit of all-time, with digital sales to-date of 2.8 million, according to Nielsen SoundScan. (It's also Jackson 's best-selling download, ahead of runner-up "Billie Jean," which has sold 2.3 million).

2. 'Somebody's Watching Me'-Rockwell Familiar sound? Well, Rockwell is actually Quincy Jones' son and Quincy reached out to MJ for background vocals! MJ of course obliged seeing that Q was one of his IDOLS! Imagine having MJ doing background vocals for you. Those such vocals helped catapult this 80's hit to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts PEEP MORE HAUNTS after the JUMP!!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Do!? #MeaganGood rockin the faux locks! Hot or Not!?

Are we liking Meagan Good's new look!?  Goode is the latest celeb to embrace the faux locks movement.  Stars like Rihanna and even Justin Bieber borrowed the look for a spell. Meagan puts a nice 'twist' (no pun intended) to the look and quite frankly, we dig it!

 Thoughts?  Hot or Not!?

WATCH: #Quarry season 1 ep 8 "nước chảy đá mòn" [finale]

Mac confronts his old demons and settles a score. The truth is, given the deceptively magnanimous, detached nature of the Broker up until now, no one could have predicted the depth of his involvement in Mac’s life. Perhaps it was naive to take him at his word that the hit on Credence was on behalf of a rival rather than for his own gain. He is the master manipulator with Mac, having placed him the path of Joni’s lover before and bringing him face to face with his captain here in the finale. WATCH 'Quarry'season 1 episode 8 after the JUMP!!

EXCLUSIVE: @RealLesIsMore interview COMING SOON! [details]

THE FANS have been WAITING...  THE WAIT is almost OVER.  Singer/songwriter LesIsMore UNLEASHES the ➖➕ EP on November 11th and we got the 1st INTERVIEW with this up and coming PHENOM.

@TeyanaTaylor keeps WINNING! SLAYS #Halloween with #JoanneTheScammer gag! [vid]

Teyana Taylor KEEPS WINNING in 2016, right?  Banging album, CHECK. Beautiful family on deck, she FLOORED us at this year's VMA's with Kanye West's 'FADE' video..but there is MORE!  Taylor 'KILLS' Halloween with her INGENIOUS get-up!

#Wisconsin makes a STATEMENT on fan wearing RACIST #Obama costume at game! [details]

Racism is REAL. It's here. It's PREVALENT daily.  We know this.  Over the WEEKEND a fan at the University of Wisconsin-Madison decided to be POLITICAL and racist at the same time.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison released a statement after a photo of a fan wearing a racist costume at a football game went viral on Saturday. The fan appeared to be trying to make a political statement by holding a sign and wearing a President Obama mask with a noose attached.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

WATCH: #Divorce season 1 ep 3 'Counseling' [full ep]

Robert and Frances attend couples therapy to see if their marriage is salvageable; Frances gets advice from Dallas; Robert vents at work; tensions mount as Frances and Robert try to maintain a facade of normalcy for their children. WATCH 'Divorce' season 1 episode 3 after the JUMP!

NEW MUSIC: #MeekMill 'Froze' feat. #NickiMinaj & #LilUziVert [audio]

Meek Mill has DROPPED his mixtape DC4 and has an ALL-STAR lineup up on hos latest.  Check out 'Froze' featuring Nicki Minaj and Lil Uzi Vert after the JUMP!

WATCH: #Divorce season 1 ep 2 'The Next Day' [full ep]

Frances rushes to intercept Robert before he tells the children that she is divorcing him; Diane waits for news on Nick’s condition; Frances considers signing a lease to open her art gallery. WATCH 'Divorce' season 1 episode 2, 'The Next Day' after the JUMP!

Another SEXUAL MISCONDUCT allegation for #NateParker!? [details]

It appears that Nate Parker is BACK in the HEADLINES and it's not for his film 'Birth Of A Nation' this time.  It appears that Parker is embroiled in yet ANOTHER sexual MISCONDUCT allegation!

This time around Penn State is being INVESTIGATED. A female student trainer is claiming that back in 2000, while Parker was on the wrestling team and awaiting trial on a rape allegation, he exposed himself to her while she gave him a back treatment, according to the New York Times.

WATCH: #Divorce season 1 'Pilot' [full ep]

A middle-aged couple try to figure out if their marriage is worth saving after a shocking event at a friend’s birthday party makes them take a hard look at their own lives. WATCH HBO's new comedy, 'Divorce' with Sarah Jessica Parker after the JUMP!!

WATCH: #Shameless season 7 ep 4 'I Am A Storm' [full ep]

Frank worries that he and his new family will lose their Home for the Homeless shelter, so he plans a little goodwill for the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Fiona drums up business by throwing a speakeasy party at Patsy’s Pies. WATCH 'Shamless' season 7 episode 4 after the JUMP!

WATCH: #HTGAWM season 3 ep 6 'Is Someone Really Dead?' [full ep]

A revelation in the Wallace Mahoney murder rattles Annalise and the Keating 5, as the team takes on the case of a veteran facing assault charges. WATCH 'How To Get Away With Murder' season 3 episode 6 after the JUMP!!!

Saturday Slingback: #TamarBraxton 'Love and War' [vid]

Don't you just LOVE Tamar Braxton's voice?!  Despite all the UPS and DOWNS she's seen in 2016, her talent is UNDENIABLE!  ALL'S FAIR in LOVE and WAR, right? We just call it like we see it over her at #TheGamutt, good, bad or INDIFFERENT we are still HUGE fans of the Braxton phenom.  Let's take it back to 2013 with her #1 hit, 'Love and War'.  The Saturday Slingback of the DAY is up after the JUMP!

WATCH: #GUHH season 2 ep 3 'Run In The Oven' [full ep]

Angela drops the bomb that she is pregnant; Boogie suffers the wrath of his dad when he’s arrested for a DUI; Romeo’s sister Cymphonique, faces Master P about her drug addiction. WATCH, 'Growing Up Hip Hop' season 2 episode 3, 'Run In The Oven' after the JUMP!!

No #Grammys for #TamarBraxton next year!?! [details]

It seems that 2016 just hasn't been Tamar Braxton's year. First, she was forced to leave 'Dancing With The Stars' due to a health scare, then she got fired from her co-hosting gig on 'The Real', and a perusing of her label, Epic Records' website sees her omitted from its roster confirming that she lost her record deal as well. As if things couldn't get worse, it was recently discovered that she won't even be considered for a Grammy this time around at next year's February ceremonies. Her latest album, 'Calling All Lovers' was released last year on October 2, merely two days after the eligibility cut off date to be included in last year's ceremony, Her single "If I Don't Have You", however, was nominated but didn't bring home any trophies. So, it was pretty much a given that her album would be nominated in the R&B categories this time around, Well, unfortunately not so... See why after the jump!

Friday, October 28, 2016

#LupeFiasco DISSES #KidCudi for dissing #Drake! [details]

It seems like a MERRY-GO ROUND for BEEF today when not too long ago all these DUDES 'played in the same sandbox'.  NOW after Kid Cudi CLAPPED back at Drake--LUPE FIASCO has jumped in to DISS Kid Cudi---for dissing DRAKE!  CONFUSED...

Well here is what Lupe Fiasco had to say and I kinda said the same thing in another post... but here is Lupe's THOUGHTS!!

#KidCudi CLAPS BACK at #Drake DISS--from REHAB! [details]

BEEF BEEF BEEF... it appears that EVEN IN REHAB, Kid Cudi has his EAR to the STREETS and has CLAPPED BACK at Drake's 'LIGHT JAB' at him on 'Two Birds, One Stone'.  If you forgot, on the NEW TRACK, Drake RAPPED:

#AmySchumer CLARIFIES her #Formation video! Were you offended? [vid]

Comedian AMy Schumer has come under fire in recent days for her 'Formation' video that some deemed 'racist' and 'insensitive'.  If you missed it, Schumer and a few celebrity friends decided to make a video in the VAIN of Beyonce's MEGA HIT, 'Formation'.  But SOME CRITICS took the video the WRONG way.  At first, Amy SCOFFED OFF the critics:

But after MUCH talk and CRITICISM, Amy has now CLARIFIED what the intent of her video was and that it was NOT a parody.

#Election2016: FBI probes newly discovered emails tied to Clinton case! Emails from #AnthonyWeiner's computer! [details]

This ELECTION is getting CRAZIER and CRAZIER with less than 2 weeks away from election day! Hillary Clinton forcefully called Friday for the FBI to release "the full and complete facts" about its review of emails tied to the bureau's investigation of her private server.

"Voting is underway, so the American people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately," Clinton said during a brief news conference in Des Moines, Iowa.

WATCH: #RHOH season 5 ep 3 '50 Shades of Brown' [full ep]

Kevin makes a make-up deal; the guys compete to be the next James Bond; Boris is bald and LeToya Luckett yucks it up with the guys. Watch 'Real Husbands' season 5 episode 3 after the jump!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

#KevinGates WIFE slams judge for jail time! 'Thanks for taking my husband away from his kids.' [vid]

As you may know rapper Kevin Gates is going to JAIL for ALLEGEDLY KICKING a female fan in the chest at a concert in Florida back in 2015!

The judge sentenced Gates to 180 days in Polk County jail, with credit for any time served, and fines and court costs, WFLA reports. He was convicted by a jury of six women after one day of testimony.

#TWD: 'LEAKED' #WalkingDead season 7 scene shows another VICTIM KILLED! [vid]

The Walking Dead season 7 premiere episode finally revealed the identity of the victims. Negan not only bludgeoned Glenn and Abraham to death, the Savior leader also broke millions of TWD fans' hearts by killing their favourite characters in the gnarly scene.

#ToddChrisley SHADES #NancyGrace on #WendyWilliamsShow! [vid]

Reality star, Todd Chrisley of 'Christley Knows Best' sat down to GAB with Wendy Williams and he let it be KNOWN that he is not a FAN of Nancy Grace!!  Even Wendy got a little piece of the SHADE Todd was dishing!  Watch the HILARIOUS interview after the JUMP!!

SPLITSVILLE!? #MariahCarey DUMPED by billionaire beau #JamesPacker! [details]

It seems like Mariah Carey's 'DREAMLOVER' won't be rescuing her anytime soon.  WORD from the CURB is that Mariah and BILLIONAIRE beau James Packer are on the ROCKS!

Sources say MC was DUMPED by James Packer, but we have the DETAILS INSIDE the DRAMATIC SPLIT!

WATCH: #QueenSugar season 1 ep 8 'Where With All' [UPDATED LINK!]

As the family prepares for a hurricane, many of their issues are brought to the surface. The incoming storm threatens the farm, and while preparing to protect their land, Remy calls into question Charley’s treatment of her staff. Aunt Violet worries about Nova’s safety while Nova tends to the community in the Lower Ninth, and Ralph Angel quarrels with Darla when she arrives unannounced. Meanwhile, Hollywood and Aunt Violet are reunited, and Nova and Charley argue over their different lifestyles.  WATCH 'Queen Sugar' season 1 episode 8  after the jump

WAKE UP JAM: #DuranDuran 'Hungry Like The Wolf' [vid]

WAKE IT UP! Let's take it all the way back to 1984!!!!  Duran Duran I used to love this group!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I TOLD Y'ALL! #Ciara OFFICIALLY announces her pregnancy! [details]

If you recall LAST WEEK, we reported that Ciara's latest outings kind hinted that she maybe hiding a little BABY BUMP! [In Case You Missed It HERE].  So now the RUMORS have been CONFIRMED!

On her BIRTHDAY (Oct 25), the 'Body Party' singer and spokesmodel shared 'THE GREATEST BLESSING OF ALL' with the fans!

#TLC tease 2 new songs!! Are you HERE for them? [audio]


T-Boz & Chilli appear to FINALLY be making good on this ALBUM you guys help FUND.  REMEMBER last year, their INFAMOUS KICKSTARTER ACCOUNT for the new project netted upwards of 430k.  BUT year's end came and went and there was no new music or ALBUM.  WELL NOW, there maybe HOPE!  TRACES of new music from the DUO popped up on Apple Music today.  LET's SEE what 430k bought us.  TAKE A LISTEN!

WATCH: #BGC16 'Bad Girls Club #GermWarfare [full ep]

Let's see.who.conspires,.fights and goes home tonight? Watch 'Bad Girls Club' 16, #GermWarfare after the jump!

WATCH: #AtlantaFX season 1 ep 9 'Juneteenth' [full ep]

Begrudgingly attending a Junteenth party. Why my Auntie trying to make me go to one of these bougie Junteenth parties again? I don’t like them sadity people and I’m gonna miss my shows. Le sigh. Watch 'Atlanta' season 1 episode 9 after the jump!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

WATCH: #BlackInkCrewChi Season 2 Ep 5 [full ep]

The fun and games come to a crashing halt when Charmaine's parents put their foot down. Watch 'Black Ink Crew Chicago after the jump!

WATCH: #LHHH season 3 ep 11 'The Source' [full ep]

Lyrica takes steps to bring peace between the two mothers. Moniece is on a mission to find the source of the sex tape leak. Princess has issues with Ray and Sonja leading up to the marriage. Teairra is forced to face her demons. WATCH 'LHHH' season 3 episode 11 'The Source' after the JUMP!!

WAKE UP JAM: #MaryJBlige 'Enough Cryin' feat. Brook Lynn [vid]


Time to get it GOING get it POPPIN and make it a GREAT DAY.  No more crying, if you are reading this you have nothing to CRY about.  You are ALIVE and WELL and can forge on!

Let's go back with Mary J. Blige's 'Enough Cryin'!!

Monday, October 24, 2016

#MaryJBlige TACKLES her DIVORCE DRAMA during European Tour stop! [vid]

Now in the PAST, Mary J. Blige has been rather PRIVATE about her personal life and matters of the HEART.  She would SPILL all her EMOTIONS out in song, but for the most part, she kept her personal life SEPARATE from for performance life....until now.

#RHOA season 9 TAGLINES are IN! Guess who said WHAT!?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9 IMPACTS November 5th and with a NEW SEASON a new opening credit and NEW TAGLINES!  See what the LADIES have to say this go around!

NEW MUSIC: #Drake 'Wanna Know' feat. #Dave [audio]

Everybody is talking about Drake ever since he announced a NEW ALBUM coming this December entitled 'More Life'.  Here is something NEW from Drake from his special edition OVO Radio BIRTHDAY edition--here is 'Wanna Know' feat. Dave!

#KanyeWest to 'BOYCOTT' The Grammys if #FrankOcean is not nominated! [vid]

WE ALL KNOW Kanye West goes HARD for ARTISTS other than himself that he feels deem recognition.  He could be considered one of the BIGGEST STANS for Beyoncé.  Now it seems, Kanye West is 'STANNING' up for Frank Ocean.

While performing “Wolves” at the “Saint Pablo Tour” in Oakland, Calif. on Saturday (Oct. 22), Yeezy stopped to offer a stream of consciousness rant about Frank Ocean and the Grammys.

“The album I listened to the most this year is Frank Ocean’s album,” said West. “I’ll tell you this right now: If his album’s not nominated in no categories, I’m not showin’ up to the Grammys.”

Take a LOOK!

WAKE UP JAM: #Drake 'HYFR' feat. #LilWayne [vid]


Remember if you ALIVE, this day is PROMISED TO YOU!  Make the BEST of it!  NOW, go to SOCIAL MEDIA and wish DRAKE a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  SPEAKING of, let's take it back with Drizzy's 'HYFR'!!

It's only right, right?!!!


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