Thursday, December 8, 2016

#YoungThug GOES OFF on 2 female airline workers! Calls them 'Bums & Ants'! [vid]

Now we have ALL gotten out of character when we are FRUSTRATED at the airport and we miss out flights, but Young Thug rally showed his A$$ recently as he BERATED two female employees.

In a video that HE uploaded, he can be seen ARGUING with 2 African-American female airline employees when they prohibited him from boarding which in turn caused him to miss the flight and a show in Seattle.

Thugger is seen calling the ladies 'bums' and 'ants' and offering them 15k that he had in a Bentley bag to QUIT THEIR JOBS.

“I’ll give y’all bum ass hoes $15,000 to quit your job,” Thug said before pulling out wads of cash. “I’m giving y’all bums one more chance.” As both women turned their backs to the camera, Thug was seen calling both women “ants” and said their hair was “nappy as a mothaf***er” and that they looked like “Africans.”

A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

But yet, he can APOLOGIZE to his fans for missing the show..he needs to apologize to those WOMEN at the AIRPORT, right?

This TYPE pf behaviour is UNACCEPTABLE. I mean. He is not that far from being a 'BUM', 'ANT' or 'PEASANT' himself. Truth be told, his '15 minutes' can go away as quick as he may have gotten it.. so these NEW SCHOOL 'RAPPERS' need to take note. As QUICK as you ASCEND, you can fall even faster if you don't play your cards, right. IJS.

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