Friday, December 2, 2016

WTF Moment: #MariahCarey 'STAGES' PDA beach romp with ne BEAU #BryanTanaka! [pics]

So Mariah Carey is TRYING VERY HARD to prove to the world or to HERSELF that she has MOVED ON from ex James Packer!  ALLEGEDLY, MC has a NEW 'BEAU'-her background dancer, Bryan Tanaka.

The TWO had a PDA-filled day on the beach in Hawaii..... NOW M.C.? Really? Check them out to see if their is any real CHEMISTRY between the two!

Mariah need to sit her OLD ASS down SOMEWHERE!  Now she know DAMN WELL she paid this mad to grab up all on that HOG BODY!  I am not BELIEVING this AT ALL....

SERIOUSLY though, these photos are not FLATTERING .


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